October 2016

Heymarket moved to a 200㎡ modernised offfice, build the Limit China Service Centre, to better serve their LIMIT customers. Besides, a showroom was set up to display the newest collections.

In this year, the brand awareness of LIMIT watches enjoyed a significantly raise. The number of the followers of Limit watches page on Sina Weibo (Most popular SNS in China) was over 6000.































Our Mission

Today, our business is focus on importing, retailing and distributing LIMIT watches as the exclusive agent in China. Our Vision is to help LIMIT becomes one of the most popular and reputable entry-level watch brand in China.


Our History


The consumption upgrade slogen was going popular in China. More and more Chinese people go abroad shopping luxury goods. Also they purchase goods from independent buyers online who usually travels abroad. 

Heymarket realised it might be a big opportunity, and decide to focus on one business. it closed its Aliexpress, Amazon US, ETSY stores, and focus on watches.


In Feburary 2016, Heymarket get its first authorised right to sell LIMIT watches in China. Later, their Amazon CN, JD, Taobao and independent shopping sites were established. Limit watches reaches almost all the online store sites in China. From then on, People in China can buy LIMIT watches wihtout waitng for months. Besides they can get aftersales service in China without sending their watch back to England.



Three young gentle men come up with an idea of doing trade business online to buy and sell products from and to people around the world. They named their first company Heymarekt, which means "say hello to market". 

They decide to start their business in Hangzhou, the city being famous for its silk, clothing, and E-business。


In Early times, their main target market is Russia. Aliexpress is the most popular online shopping site in Russia.

They build several online shops on Aliexpress selling fashion clothes and accessories. In the same time, they purcahse in large amount of watches from Britain through online retailing site, and selling them to Chinese consumers.


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